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You can now PREORDER Book 2 in the Wildcatters Hockey Series.

It will be live in late fall.

“You can’t go down without a fight, man. Not to Houston! We’ll talk to him tomorrow, explain—”

I shook my head again, harder. “No. I…I need this. I let her own my head. I put her before everything. And look where that got me.”

“Sent to freaking Texas! They barely understand what a puck is—”

“And that’s my fault. I shouldn’t have let Dukovsky get to me like that.”

Pete narrowed his eyes. “Shannon shouldn’t have done you like that.”

“But she did. And I have to live with the fact I let you down instead of stepping up.”

“So, Houston’s your punishment?”

“Yeah. And maybe…maybe a fresh start.” I laid my hands on his shoulders. “I don’t want to have to see her again, Pete.”

He looked away. “Yeah, I get that. I know how much you love her.”

Clearly, my feelings hadn’t mattered, and they sure hadn’t done me any good. My agent had to call me, screaming about messing up my image. The PR team would be working hard to limit the damage. Coach was so pissed he couldn’t even look at me.

“Loving her was a mistake.” I moved around Pete and entered my car. “I’ll tell the boys goodbye if you think they’ll let me.”

Pete shook his head. “They’re pretty angry about the loss.”

“Yeah. Right. Well, for what it’s worth, I’m sorry.”

He met my gaze. “Me, too.”

I slammed my door shut and started my car. I backed out of the spot and headed back to my small apartment, the one I’d always known was temporary.

Apparently, it was, but not for the reason I’d hoped. I wasn’t moving back to my sun-filled home. I was moving to Houston, to finish out my career on an expansion team that would be lucky to place above dead last.

Basically, my career was over.