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Alexa Padgett

Another Shot E-Book

Another Shot E-Book

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The only ice he fears is the frozen wall protecting her battered heart…

Keelie Hayes has fast and hard rules about life and love. And those rules have served her well, keeping her heart safe from being broken again, her trust from another painful shattering. 

Until hockey star Cormac Bouchard skated onto the scene with his charm and scorching sensual gaze only for her and changed the whole game. Keelie’s no longer sure about her rules, but she’s throwing up every frosty defense possible to keep from dreaming of that coveted shot at forever.
Cormac makes no excuses for the poor choices he’s made on and off the ice. He’s done the work, put in the hours, and served his time in life’s penalty box. Now all he wants is a place to belong–and to take his Wildcatters to the NHL finals. They’ve become the family he’s always wanted, and he can’t let them down. 

But his normally iron-willed focus fails him when it comes to the beautiful ice queen he wants to melt in the hottest ways possible. If only he could earn her precious trust. Which would mean finally pushing beyond his own painful past to be the partner she deserves and the man he desperately wants to be.

Easier said than done.

Dare he go all-in on a long-shot love that just might heal both their pasts and redeem a future neither ever dreamed possible?

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